Beginning Blogging

The term blog is short for Web log. It is sometimes described as an online diary. The Wikipedia entry for blogs defines a blog as "a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order." Blogs are designed so that the author can easily add content; he doesn't need access to a server, Web-page creation software, or extensive knowledge of html (although a little html knowledge can be helpful). Another important feature is the ability of readers to post comments to a blog. The comments can be read by the blog's author or other readers.

Examples of Blogs

Blogs can contain a variety of content, including text, hyperlinks, images, audio files, and video files. Blogs can be useful tools in the classroom. Here are some examples of education-related blogs. Some of these blogs were created by classroom teachers, while others are "professional" blogs maintained by educational consultants.
PESD Technology Showcase
Bethune News
Mr. Acedo's Writing Class
Ms. Shores' Class
Mr. Quick's Class
Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Mrs. Bernal's 2nd Grade
PESD Innovative Classrooms
Educational Technology and Life
Here is an excellent article to help you formulate a plan for your blog. Here is another resource for the beginning blogger.


There are many online tools for creating a blog. One of the most popular is Blogger. The Getting Starting Guide to Blogger is good starting point. Below, on the left, is a video tutorial about blogger. On the right is slideshow produced by Cheryl Davis of Google Teacher Academy. It explains how teachers can use severl Google tools, including Blogger.

Deleting the Navbar

If you're going to use Blogger with students, you should delete the Next Blog link (also known as the Blogger Navbar) at the top of the blog. This link allows you to see the blog whose title follows yours alphabetically. The contents of the next blog may be inappropriate for students. Here are instructions for deleting the Next Blog link.

Feel free to contact me if your have questions about using Blogger.