Projector.jpgIf you have a SMART Board, you also have a projector. Without the projector the SMART Board is useless so it is extremely important that the projector be maintained properly. Here are some tips:

Keep the filter clean

If you keep your door open and dust is gathering on your keyboard and other things in your classroom, then it is also gathering on your projector filter. A dirty filter can ruin the life of the projector bulb and if left dirty can even lead to overheating the projector and ruining the electronics. Some projector filters can be accessed more easily than others. The wider projectors require that the projector be unmounted for cleaning so please try to keep dust from accumulating in your classroom.

Monitor the life of the bulb

Each bulb should have a life of approximately 2,100 hours. If you are using the Pic Mute button, you are not turning off the bulb. Pic Mute is still contributing to the decline of the bulb life. A message will flash on your SMART Board at approximately 2,000 hours that your bulb is near the end of its life. Bulb replacements require:
1) the number of hours used, 2) the date of purchase, 3) the date the bulb went out, 4) the serial number of the projector and 5) model number of the projector. In addition, we need to send NEC the actual burned out bulb. As you can see, it is quite a process and we want to make sure we do everything we can to prolong the life of the bulbs so keep Pic Mute use to a minimum.



Contact Instructional Technology if you think you need someone to check your projector. At this point in time, Randy Perez (257.3775) is the person in our office who is doing this work.